Materialism, the theory that all which exists is matter, and all phenomena are the result of material interactions. Physicalism, the theory that all things that exist are no more extensive than their physical properties. Those be the Wikipedia definitions. Technically I suppose these are two seperate isms, but they are both what I refer to as Materialism. By “ism” I mean religion, or metaphysical theory. I hate to use the word religion, religion seems less about spiritual or metaphysical concepts and more about politics.

Tenets of Materialism, if I understand properly, according to Materialism consciousness is simply a thing which arises from the neural complexity of the brain. Mind does not exist as such, it is just the result of bio-chemical, electrical, mechanical functions. We are biological machines, mindless biological robots, automitons. And the world is just what we see, just as we see it. The Watchmaker Analogy, an old argument for the theory of intelligent design, is dismissed as a bad analogy. You can’t possibly compare the Universe to a watch, because you have nothing to compare the Universe to. As the Universe is not what I would call a Virtual thing, it’s impossible for us to see evidence of design in nature. And the Universe is not finely tuned to support life, because the Earth is the only place we know of in the Universe where life exists. And only a small fraction of the Earth can support life. And in that very small area of the Earth where life can exist, there are so many ways to die.

We are born, we live, and we die, and that’s it, lights out.

Materialism is, in my opinion, wrong thinking. It does away with the need for such things as ethics or morality. It promotes materialist attitudes and things like competition, conflict, war, corruption, greed and poverty. You see this materialist attitude all the time, just watch the news. It is contrary to everything I know.

I know my own mind, Descartes said it’s the one thing I can know if I know nothing else. I know that in the world, or my minds experiencing of it, I see evidence of design everywhere. And I see that life does exist. I always like how Materialists use the theory of evolution, or claim to be making the scientific argument, they own these things you know. Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong, but to my mind evolution, as well as science and mathmatics and their relation to what we call reality, would seem to be indicative of design.

The Watchmaker Analogy, the updated version being Simulism, or Programmed Reality. I still like to think of it as, “A work of art implies an artist.”

So here you go, a work of art, it not the 5-sensory, 3-D experience I had of it, but I like it:

~ by Tracy on May 14, 2011.

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  2. Religion of Brain Worship Vs. Science as to an Explanation of Consciousness

    The Religion of Brain Worship

    The tenants of the religion summarized.

    Though no individual brain cell has ever been measured to be conscious, think, feel, intend or Love Brain Worshipers take it as a matter of faith that a conglomeration of such cells produces all of the above thereby creating the individual and “mind”.

    Though no empirical measurement of consciousness has ever been done Brain worshipers take it as a matter of faith that the brain is generating consciousness.

    Brain worshipers believe the brain can take electrical vibrations and translate them into subjective seeing and hearing.

    The high priests of Brain Worship keep secret mathematical transforms that relate electrical activity or PET activity in the brain to consciousness.

    The Brain Worshipers have faith that an unconscious and mechanistic universe created consciousness.

    The Brain Worshipers believe that billions of individual brains produce billions of individualized consciousness in millions of species.

    The high priests of Brain Worship understand secret parameters that would allow each
    consciousness to be recognized as being individualized.

    The high priests of Brain Worship can explain how each individualized consciousness came to occur at a specific co-ordinate in space time. In other words though there were billions of other body pairs producing babies before I was born they can explain why my consciousness is paired with my body vs a body that showed up previously or after my birth date.

    The governing premise of Brain Worship is order comes out of randomness. The high priests can explain why I’m randomly created here and cannot randomly be created “exist” somewhere else simultaneously.

    The high priests can explain why we can only exist once throughout the entire infinity of time. Why the forces that create us suddenly stop working after we die.

    Though it’s obvious we can only know what is in the Mind the priests assure us there actually is a physical universe out there.

    The high priests of Brain Worship can look at a bunch of cells in my brain and verify that the tune to “Lets Go Fly a Kite” is embedded there. Without asking me of course.

    The high priests of Brain Worship say that because stimulating the brain can produce “hallucinations” that that proves the brain is doing it all. Though consciousness has to exist in order to perceive these hallucinations in the first place.

    Brain worshipers believe that though thousands of verifiable perceptions have occurred while persons have claimed to be out of body that an invisible brain pops out of the head and does the perceiving during these events.

    Brain worshipers believe even though metabolic processes are shutting down during trauma the brain still manages to produce a higher level of consciousness then ever occurs during healthy operation.

    Brain worshipers believe even though metabolic processes are shutting down during trauma the brain produces rapturous feelings of unconditional Love. Something that never happens in a healthy brain.

    Brain worshipers have secret knowledge that explains why during an NDE everyone feels connected to everyone and everything else.

    Brain worshipers always claim to be critical thinkers and have science on their side even though they have no mathematics, or empirical data to support their claims. They claim to use Occam’s razor as to simplest explanations yet everything they say is convoluted and can’t explain observable phenomenon.

    Brain Worship is a religion based on faith alone!


    Experiments in Quantum physics have proved that consciousness is necessary to collapse the wave function at both the Quantum and macro levels.

    There is no such thing as time.

    We can only know about what is in Consciousness and not any actual Universe – out there. The body and brain are within Consciousness.

    Consciousness is a field effect, the Zero Point field, not a point source effect.

    Since consciousness is a field effect the One consciousness expresses in all forms.

    Despite appearances of separation and isolation each life form has the same consciousness.

    The questions of specific birth at a specific time is irrelevant since the same consciousness shows up in all cases.

    The question of billions of individualized consciousness being generated is irrelevant since all consciousness is one and the same.

    Consciousness is what sees or hears not the brain.

    Any type of perception including “hallucinations”, visions, or dreams are realities in other dimensions that consciousness is tuning into.

    During NDE consciousness disengages from the illusion of brain allowing more perfect perception.

    During NDE the illusion of separation is gone and consciousness knows itself as being everywhere, everything, and every-when.

    Since only consciousness can know anything then consciousness must know everything.

    Since consciousness is the basis of all form it must be eternal.

    That which knows everything and is eternal is known as God.

    Since we are consciousness we are eternal and one with God.

    Since unconditional Love is what consciousness experiences during NDE then we are unconditional Love.

    Occam’s razor

    Thomas. J. Spitzer

  3. Thought Experiment On Individuality

    There is a huge fallacy in the “brain producing consciousness” hypothesis that I’ve never seen addressed.

    I would contend that if brains were producing consciousness then we would not seem to be individuals!

    This is one argument that seems to be overlooked in the brain/mind debate. One thing the skeptics say is that NDEs are the same because brains are the same. But if brains are the same and generating consciousness then why do we seem to be individuals? If my brain is producing my consciousness staring out of the eyeballs of body TJS then the “same” brain in another body XXX should be producing my consciousness there so I’m staring out of two sets of eyeballs and living two superimposed lives simultaneously. Taken to it’s logical conclusion there would be one consciousness staring out of 7 billion human sets of eyeballs which would mean that consciousness could only experience white noise! This doesn’t even take into account the billions of other non-human brains on the planet.

    The only thing the skeptics could say would be that brains are the same but different! The whole thing would be just more gibberish and silliness on their part.

    Consider the following thought experiment.

    Let’s say you find yourself existing, alive and conscious, in position 1.

    If you move to position 2 then obviously you would find yourself existing, alive and conscious, there.

    Now instead of moving to position 2 an exact duplicate of you is created at position 2.

    Where do you now find yourself to exist?

    Well what are the possibilities?

    a. Cease to exist anywhere
    b. Exist at 1 only
    c. Exist at 2 only
    d. Exist at 1 and 2
    e. Oscillate between 1 and 2

    Which options seem more reasonable?

    a. There’s no logical reason to believe that a duplication of your structure at 2 should cause you to stop existing at 1 so maybe we can eliminate this one.
    b. Should be reasonable, you’re still at 1
    c. Since we’ve done nothing to the structure at 1 there’s no reason to believe you would find yourself only at 2.
    d. Reasonable assuming the brain equals consciousness!
    e. Since both the structures at 1 and 2 are continuous then there’s no reason to believe you should be oscillating between those two positions.

    So it seems that only options b. and d. bear further discussion.

    Whatever the philosophy, religion, or science there should be some answer to this thought experiment.

    Lets look at it from the three different theories that I believe encompass the spectrum of possibilities.

    Dualism – consciousness and matter are separate and distinct
    Monistic Idealism – All consciousness is a single consciousness and individuality is an illusion
    Materialism – matter creates consciousness

    Without attempting to explain where “spirits” come from, Dualism has no real problem with the thought experiment. You could have exact physical copies of a body and still have two distinct individuals since each consciousness (spirit) is still separate and unique. It’s true that a third party would have no basis on which to tell the copies apart but each copy would still consider itself an individual existing in a specific location.

    Idealism also has no problem with the thought experiment. Since individuality is an illusion the illusion of individuality would also be complete between exact copies of any physical structure. All consciousness is a single consciousness and expresses as all forms. You could replicate a form exactly billions of times and each form would still consider itself to be an individual!

    How about materialism?

    At first glance the obvious answer would be b. You still exist at position 1 and someone else that looks and acts like you exists at position 2.

    For materialism however this presents a quandary. Since both physical structures are identical and structure is generating your consciousness as an epiphenomenon, then shouldn’t you find yourself in the confusing position of being in two places at once?

    It would be the situation of living two superimposed realities simultaneously.

    If Material 1 =Consciousness 1, and Material 2 = Consciousness 2, and Material 1 = Material 2, then Consciousness 1 = Consciousness 2.

    Summarizing. If “you” exist at 1 because of brain 1 then ”you” must also exist at 2 if an exact copy of brain 1 exists there.

    Further let’s say position 2 is 1 light year distant!

    Somehow “you” would be controlling 2 bodies instantaneously across that distance. That would be macro scale “action at a distance”.

    One could claim that for an instant there would be only one consciousness associated with 2 bodies but as soon as the experiences start to differ the consciousness would differentiate or split but this is obviously false. No matter what experiences we have or decisions we make consciousness seems to be continuous. This would also make consciousness dependent on experience and not the brain.

    So for a materialist it seems that only d. could hold! If not then there is something non-material involved with the generation of consciousness and materialism is refuting itself.

    Now the materialist would just have to explain what to change in brain 2 to create a different consciousness and thereby create two different people looking out of two identical bodies!

    They would somehow have to identify an “Individuality Module” in each brain and relate that to an individualized consciousness. How could consciousness or pure awareness be individualized? What would be the measurable parameters?

    This “Individuality Module” would have to explain the structural differences in 7 billion human brains on the planet that creates an individualized consciousness each time and the materialist must be able to measure that consciousness directly and verify it’s individuality.

    The whole thing for the materialist quickly becomes impossible. They can not now and never will be able to address the points above.

    I would contend that the theory that most easily satisfies the implications of this thought experiment with a minimum of paradox must be the closest to the truth.

    Monistic Idealism explains everything without contradiction or paradox.

    We are all One Consciousness existing outside of time and space looking into this universe through the vehicle of every life form. In the process, as a function of focus, the illusion of individuality occurs. A form could be replicated exactly billions of times and each form would still consider itself to be an individual!

    This description of reality is reported over and over again by the NDErs and constitutes experimental verification of the theory.

    Ironically by examining our existence as seeming individual physical entities in the universe we find that that is exactly what we are not.

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