A Moment in the Sun

After a long walk I stopped down by the boat docks, walked through a bit of brush–until I made it the last ten feet or so down to the water.  I was surrounded by rocks, arranged nicely, with a big, flat rock perfect for sitting down and relaxing. It’s the kind of spot where the brush has been parted and a hint of a trail can be seen when you’re walking down to the water.  Obviously, I’m not the first person to witness this wonderful spot.

About an hour before sunset I sat  admiring the still water, lack of boats, and people, just relaxing a bit when I began to pray.  After a few minutes of rambling on about things I wanted to change–didn’t like, etc., I began a ten-minute, maybe a bit longer, meditation session.  Soon after closing my eyes I could feel and see the sun almost vibrating–pulsating to some rhythm I wasn’t hearing.  Suddenly, with my eyes still closed, I saw what had to be the sun brighten, then the vibrating feeling intensified–at the same time–an overwhelming feeling of acknowledgment came over my entire body.  Soon after, I opened my eyes and noticed that the blue sky had shifted into a darker, more pronounced looking sky.  This new sky didn’t simply go away after looking somewhere else for a second or so; it stayed that way until I walked away from the boat dock.  When I looked up again, minutes later, everything looked and felt like it did before I sat down by the lake.

In the time after seeing the sun get brighter and having the feeling that something understood me, which lasted for a few minutes…nothing changed, yet, nothing mattered–in a good way. For the first time in a long while nothing bothered me; nothing seemed wrong and everything felt interconnected. What was strange to me, was the fact that all of my thoughts seemed so unimportant–as if a supernateral being had just communed with me–and there was nothing I needed to fret about because some being had just listened to my thoughts and let me know it heard them. Here I was sitting there, then boom–an incredible feeling of being noticed by a higher form of intelligence!

What does one say or think after that type of feeling?

I can’t believe the sky stayed a darker blue, either.  It must have stayed that color for a few minutes, because I looked around several times, thinking that if I looked away things would go back to normal.

Any ideas on what happened to me?

I’ve been meditating fow a few months and this type of thing I wish everyone could experience–even once.

If we live in a programmed reality, which I highly think is likely, then who or what interacted with me?

~ by dustynostrils on April 27, 2011.

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